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Typical projects


We believe in specialisation. There are a number of things we're good at and those have consistently been offered to our clients. All have one thing in common: It has to improve the business.

We believe that when a project can sustain itself and pay dividends to the business is it worthwhile to engage.

Supply Chain

In manufacturing it is all about organising things in such a way that goods are ready at the right time, the right quality at the right cost. This sounds very straight forward, but numerous projects have shown that considerable capacity is not utilised effectively.

Contact us to find out how Ebit+ can help you attain new operational performance levels.

The wrong Supply Chain has far-reaching consequences for your business. Late deliveries or too early deliveries, high stock-levels or out-of-stock situations, single-site or multi-site strategies, unhappy customers to name but a few symptoms.

Contact us to find out how Ebit+ can help you attain new supply chain performance levels.

Cost Pricing
Pricing Models & Margins
Technical Services & Maintenance

Knowing the correct cost-price and effective sales price can have a profound impact on your product portfolio. Misallocation of cost and of revenue leads to very skewed margin attribution, often resulting in poor portfolio choices and reduced overall profitability.

Contact us to find out how Ebit+ can help you maximise profit through portfolio engineering

Effective Technical Services sets the boundaries within which an organisation can maneuver. Ensuring availability against lowest  total cost of ownership (TCO) thus becomes the primary objective.

Contact us to find out how Ebit+ can help you implement effective maintenance strategies.

Poultry Integrations

Ebit+ supports vertical integrations in optimising the overall returns. A specialist group, well seasoned in all aspects of poultry operations, we have supported customers in greenfield, brownfield designs, plant optimisations, improved farm management, improved Feed Conversion etc. From inception to realisation.

Contact us to find out how Ebit+ can help you achieve your strategic goals in the poultry industry

Business IT

The world is getting more complex. Businesses are getting more complex. To gain competitive advantage tighter integration of IT and business processes is a requirement for future success. Analysing your data to better serve your customers is becoming more important.

Contact us to find out how Ebit+ can help you bridge the gap and derive value from your IT Investments.

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