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To ensure an improvement process delivers what it promises we believe in setting ambitious goals right from the start. Only when stretching oneself are new performance levels attained. By thoroughly reviewing a business the opportunities come to light. Engaging management and shopfloor alike results in sustainable change. We believe that this is a never ending circular process, one improvement leading to the next.



As a way to engage in production environments this methodology offers a structured approach. EBIT+ has adopted the methodology, but with a twist. We believe that by properly structuring and sequencing the activities pay-back cycles can be greatly improved. As part of our commitment to TPM we offer our clients the opportunity to license OEE+.

Please open our improvement potential calulator to establish your companies potential savings.



Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma combined into Lean Six SIgma. The best of both worlds. By engaging all levels within the organisation a powerful driver for change is established.

Lean leads to the elimination of waste in all processes, or put inversely, the enhancement of value. Or costs drop, profits increase.

Six Sigma leads to a more predictable process. Predictability in itself reduces uncertainty and thus eliminates costs.

Of course costs must be made to eliminate the waste or gain in predictability. We believe the effort and the expense are well worth it, with  projects paying for themselves many times over.



OEE, or Overall Equipment Effectiveness, measures how well an operation is in control of it's manufacturing, or other process. By monitoring Quality, Performance and Availability it offers a robust way to understanding how your cost price can be impacted. Having designed and executed many cost price improvement projects we know what levers to push to get the biggest bang for the buck. Not convinced that it can help save you time and money? Calculate your companies potential here.

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