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Software Developments

OEE+ application lets manufacturing companies monitor and manage their asset utilisation. Based on TPM defintions, OEE+ not only records asset utilisation but also tracks employee utilisation and raw material yield. By actioning on the various reports cost price improvements between 10% - 40% are attainable. Like to know more?

Portfolio Manager

Latest addition to the improvement pack. This application allows users in the poultry industry to plan, monitor and realise the potential within the poultry value chain. From small-holders to vertical integrations. Check out the latest news here, or write us a mail.

Portfolio Manager was developed for a mdium sized fund of funds. It allows the user to manage the NAV calculation of the fund in a very efficient manner. Flexible, easy to use, easy to setup, this application is a must for small funds needing to comply with regulations. Like to know more? 

EBIT+ proves that by listening to the end-customer and translating requirements into solutions, speed of implementation increases as well as savings attained. Would you like to find out how we can help you start saving money in your processes?

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